AIRKOM Compressor Service & Maintenance
AIRKOM compressor for sale.



Infrastructure service operations in Turkey in line with European norms and forms AIRKOM has established that for compressor service engineers and technical staff of expert technicians. Our technical staff have earned each document, if a provider of CE certification in their area of ​​expertise and is building capacity to serve the ISO and TSE standards.

AIRKOM is stabilized by the quality of the reference compressor is proud of the success it has acquired the service. In order to process his commitment and quality standards fulfill them has given in every field always having a high holding daily following the developing technology of uninterrupted and share in technological development AIRKOM Compressor Service customers the highest quality and uninterrupted service continue self-development in every respect.

Electric compressors that use more timely maintenance and problems such as inefficient air flow is formed. AIRKOM KOMPRESOR as specified by our company except for periodic maintenance is carried out so that our customers call problems such as lack of air flow and electricity charges for your compressor is removed. Compressors use should be decorated to suit the environment except where. The most appropriate way to complete the modernization process of bringing the environment to optimize the environment in which the compressor determines the needs of our staff are required for installation.

We make quality staff that compressor factory with a sense of knowledge and experience, and cause minimum disruption to energy and waste resources we believe can be. The quality of our service, our region from one end to the other end we are proving our service network reaching as soon as possible.










Overseas Compressor room network construction and comressor setup avaliable.





Ask all compressor components and spare parts. we will find or suggest to you.

Make maintennce just on time to extend the product lifetime. Replace the seperator filter, air filter, oil filter, oil and dryer filters to have safeyt and reliable working situaiton.




New airend Screw group sales.


Damaged arend repair.


Oversea technician avaliable.





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